Enter awards

Thank you for deciding to take part in the PEN National Awards – the only awards of their kind uniquely dedicated to celebrating the wonderful work being undertaken to improve the experience of care.

PENNA2017 timelines:

31st July 2017 – Open for entries

24th November 2017 5pm – Close for entries

22rd December 2017 – Shortlist announced

1st March 2018 – Awards Conference and Ceremony (in Birmingham)


PENNA2017 fees (excluding VAT)

First entry: £199 – includes one place to attend the event

Subsequent entries: £119 – no place included

Additional seats at event: £169 – for entrants

Seats at event: £249 – for non-entrants

Please note paying members are eligible to 30% discount on fees


Register to enter or to attend PENNA2017

To register to enter or to attend please use the following link: www.regonline.co.uk/PENNARegistration

Please call 03333 447060 or email awards@patientexperiencenetwork.org if you have any specific questions about your award entry. 

Please contact us on 01772 336639 or events@patientexperiencenetwork.org if you have any questions regarding the event or the online registration system. 

When you have registered, your confirmation email will have details of how to submit your entry online.


Your Entry for PENNA2017

For more information about the PEN National Awards 2017 categories, please download our Categories for PENNA 2017

For your convenience copies of the forms can be downloaded here on the following links. Please note that these forms are for preparation only, and entries will only be accepted using the online submission form (please refer to your confirmation email for instructions how submit online):

PENNA2017-General-Entry-Form – Preparation Copy
PENNA2017-Individual-Team-Category-Entry-Form – Preparation Copy