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PENLetter February 2016
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PENLetter February 2016
Issue 30
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Note from Ruth Evans
Please find enclosed our news digest for February! We have collected all the patient experience news we have seen over the last month and put it into one place for you to access. Please do let us know if we have missed anything. 

Amongst many interesting articles this month, patient rounding seems to have a new emphasis and there are several looking at the importance of the staff experience. This month we also include a wide range of interesting events – and not least our own PEN National Conference on 2nd March.  To find out more go to the events section of this newsletter. 
As reported last month we are planning to re-vamp our website and we’d welcome your views!  Please let me know if you’d like to see some changes… now is a great time to let us know.  And as always please do let us know if there are any other areas we can develop. 

I hope you enjoy the read and please feel free to forward this newsletter.  Do let us know if you have any news to share for next month.

All the best


  PENNA 2015

2nd March 2016 Awards conference at the REP in Birmingham – hold this date in your diaries!

The countdown has begun and we are just two weeks away from this year’s awards conference. This is a day not to be missed in the patient experience calendar as we celebrate what is working well to improve the patient experience. 

If you missed the shortlist please find the full details here: 
http://patientexperiencenetwork.org/.  On the 2nd March we will be joined by the organisations listed here who will showcase their great work.

If you have not done so already, now it is time to sign up for the National Patient Experience Network conference.  

To book your place or find out more about the Best Practice Conference on 2nd March please contact the event team on events@patientexperiencenetwork.org or 01772 336639.  To book online please click here: https://www.regonline.co.uk/penna 

This Month's Case Study

Partnership Commissioning Unit across the four North Yorkshire CGCs
DISCOVER! Engagement Programme
DISCOVER! is an engagement tool designed by the PCU to support the commissioning of mental health services in North Yorkshire and York.  DISCOVER! asks a critical question of anyone who has an interest in the provision of mental health services (service users/carers, NHS/local government
organisations, voluntary partners, and local communities) – “what is your best experience of mental health services and how can we do more of that?”
DISCOVER! was developed in response to two important aspects of our commissioning responsibility – to find out what really matters to service users/carers about their mental health support, and to build the practice (ways of thinking/being/doing) of commissioning teams across our four North Yorkshire and York CCGs to engage with service users and communities in a meaningful way.
DISCOVER! is based on the principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a highly engaging, sense-making tool which inquires into what works well in any given situation and uses that as evidence to build strategies for change. DISCOVER! is based on the first stage of AI, which uses stories from people’s personal experience to draw out
good practice that can be used for future planning.


PEN News

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Patient Experience News

New research exploring how frontline staff use patient experience data for service improvement

Taking Aim at Patient Satisfaction: Experience Officers Join the C-Suite

Staff engagement: The Four Enablers

6 Steps for Creating the Ideal Patient Experience

Can We Heal an Ailing Healthcare System?- Part Two

Local News

Ambulance service receives record number of compliments

The artwork helping healthcare professionals see beyond patients' illnesses – in pictures

The Reading Room: ‘Patients as People’

Youngsters being treated at Southampton General Hospital learn about pathology as part of Harvey's Gang initiative

Patient survey delivers positive results for Wyre Forest GP Practices

Emergency patients can charge their phones thanks to consultant Dipak Mistry


Overseas News

Med center serves as leader in LGBTQI healthcare

Hospitals Offer New Twists on Services, with the Older Patient in Mind

Dr Ashish K. Jha Highlights the Importance of Patient Experience


Technology News

Three ways to get the most mileage from mobile apps  

Other News

Shared decision making can lead to better, individualized care

Want to improve the patient experience? First you need to fix hospital environment

Patient Rounding for a Positive Radiology Experience

Pharma News

Is Pharma Taking the Wrong Approach to Patient-Centricity?

patient driven research platform

Something Different

Doctors get lesson in art to improve patient care


Articles From Our Members

Infographic: Getting Complaints Management Right

Healthcare Communications are thrilled to partner with the prestigious PEN awards for the second year running! We work with 56 trusts to deliver patient experience surveys and love to see the outstanding work of healthcare teams recognised at a national level.

We’ve been improving communications between NHS trusts and patients for 15 years! Our solution is designed exclusively for the NHS, with direct input from the front line staff using it, so every feature exists to increase efficiency and drive patient experience. We deliver real time patient feedback with analytics and auto reporting tools, so trusts can focus on transforming services and not the manual burden of response collection and analysis.

Patients can be surveyed using multiple communication options (SMS, Online, IVM, Agent calls and paper) which are tailored to trust demographics and budget. Our Envoy software automatically captures responses and analyses results, making it easy to identify ‘hotspots’ and report on improvements made from feedback.

Our product range includes multi-language, children and 
inclusivity options in line with NHS England requirements and are sent at times to achieve the highest response rates. Indeed, we collected 52% of all FFT outpatient feedback in November 2015. This ensures you have a large enough sample of valid data for evidence-based decision making.

IVM Patient Voices – Hear your Patients Story
Our latest release enables patients to leave a 
two-minute voice message on care received. This channel captures the emotion and spirit of their experience in an impartial setting, which can evoke goose bumps to avid listeners. Recordings have now formed a big part of staff training and board meetings for this reason, underpinning the importance of FFT in a way that paper can’t.

Margaret Gillian, Patient Experience Matron from Stockport Trust, states ‘I have used recordings in training recently and they went down really well. I think allowing them to actually hear the patient voice has more impact and meaning than reading from a transcript. Feedback was very good.'

Sentiment Analysis of FFT Comments
NHS England now focuses on free text comments as the real power behind FFT; 
however many of our clients reported that they struggle with qualitative feedback analysis.

Why? It’s a 
time-consuming, manual process and textual responses are hard to measure. Yet without this narrative, the impact feedback has on care experience is limited.

We have trained our software to do the hard work for you with unparalleled accuracy and in real time! Our Sentiment Analysis tool automatically analyses and reports on phrases within a comment to make your data meaningful and useful. This includes locating service improvement suggestions hidden under ‘highly recommends’ with the near accuracy of humans.  Staff time previously spent manually trawling through comments can now switch to patient care.

Fliss Swift, Patient Experience Manager at Morecambe Bay University Trust, says ‘I love Sentiment Analysis! What I really like is that it doesn’t just categorise comments, but breaks them down even further by sentence – amazing! Frees up considerable time and allows me to do more with feedback!’

We'll look forward to seeing you at the PEN awards in March! If you’d like to hear an actual patient FFT recording, we can email you an approved recording to experience it yourself! Email twebb@healthcomm.uk or phone 0845 9000 890 for further info on our latest releases.

Find out more about us 
at healthcare-communications.com

Case Study: 
Real time patient feedback and analytics drive service improvements at East Kent University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 


PENNA 2015 Awards Conference
Wednesday 2nd March 2016 
The REP, Birmingham

A day not to be missed where we showcase all the PENNA 2015 finalists and winners.  To find out more contact the team on  events@patientexperiencenetwork.org  or 01772 336639.
This awards conference is a unique blend of awards ceremony and best practice conference as all winners present their case study and all shortlisted organisations take part in a networking exhibition.

Improving Patients Experience of Care –  National Progress and Learning from North Regional Improvement  Projects 
Wednesday 9th March 2016 9.30 - 15.30 

Queens Hotel, Leeds 
invite you to join their regional event to showcase the local service improvement projects to improve patient experience.  If you would like to attend please contact Kathryn Hyde katy.hyde@nhs.net 0113 8253413

Patient Safety, Incident Reporting, Investigation & Learning
Friday 11 March 2016
Hallam Conference Centre, London

This conference focuses on developing effective systems and processes for patient safety incident reporting, investigation and learning. The conference will provide a national update and practical case study sessions focusing on improving your incident reporting rates, using incident reporting to proactively identify errors before they occur, an extended legal session on incident investigation and adherence to the duty of candour, and learning lessons through incident reporting.  NB A 20% discount is available by quoting ref: hcuk20pen  when booking.(*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Full T&Cs available upon request.)
For further information and to book your place visit

http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/patient-safety-incident-reporting-investigation-learning or email hanisha@hc-uk.org.uk
Follow the conference on Twitter #patientsafety

Presenting Evidence for Healthcare Professionals Training Course
Wednesday 16 March 2016
Hallam Conference Centre, London

Facilitated by Kate Hill, Solicitor, InPractice and RadcliffesLeBrasseur Solicitors.  This course is suitable for all healthcare professionals; those who have been asked to be a witness of fact (for example, a treating clinician who has been asked to attend a Coroner’s Inquest to give evidence) as well as those undertaking expert witness work. NB A 20% discount is available by quoting ref: hcuk20pen  when booking.(*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Full T&Cs available upon request.)
For further information and to book your place visit 
or emailhanisha@hc-uk.org.uk

Creating An Autism Friendly Hospital
Thursday 15th April 2016
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9WL

To book your place please email 
frances.binns@cmft.nhs.uk or call 0161 701 5504

Measuring, Understanding and Acting on Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS)
Wednesday 11 May 2016
ICO Conference Centre, London

This conference will focus on measuring, understanding and acting on Patient Reported Experience Measures, and demonstrating responsiveness to that insight to improve care.
Through national updates and case study presentations the conference will support you to measure, monitor and improve patient experience in your service, and change practice as a result of the feedback you receive. There will be an extended session providing a step by step guide to PREMs, the measures that are currently available and how you can customize them to suit your services, and learn from them to improve care for patients. Sessions will also focus on improving PREMs collection, demonstrating insight and responsiveness to PREMs, the relationship between PREMs, PROMs and PCOMs, measuring quality through PREMs as part of clinical audit, reaching lesser heard groups, and making the right choices in terms of where to focus your patient experience efforts. NB A 20% discount is available by quoting ref: hcuk20pen  when booking.(*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Full T&Cs available upon request.)
For further information and to book your place visit http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/patient-reported-experience-measures or email hanisha@hc-uk.org.uk  Follow the conference on Twitter#PREMs

Complaints Handling, Investigating, Resolving and Learning
Friday 13 May 2016
Hallam Conference Centre, London

This conference will provide a practical guide to handling, investigating, responding and learning from complaints in health and social care. Through national updates, practical case studies and in-depth expert sessions the conference aims to improve the effectiveness of complaints handling within your service, and ensure that complaints lead to change and improvements in patient care.  NB A 20% discount is available by quoting ref: hcuk20pen  when booking.(*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Full T&Cs available upon request.)
For further information and to book your place visit
http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/nhscomplaints-handing-investigation-training  or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk Follow this event on Twitter #NHSComplaints

Reducing Inpatient Falls & Harm from Inpatient Falls
Wednesday 18 May 2016
Colmore Gate Conference Centre, Birmingham

This conference focuses on reducing inpatient falls, implementing the recommendations from the 2015 National Audit of Inpatient Falls.  Through national updates and practical case studies focusing on the individual recommendations from the national audit the conference will provide a step by step guide to implementing the multiple interventions that have been proven to reduce falls in your service. 
For further information and to book your place visit
http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/reducing-inpatient-falls-and-harm-from-inpatient-falls or email hanisha@hc-uk.org.uk
Follow the conference on twitter #FallsNHS

The Power of Partnership: Working in collaboration to deliver high-quality health and care information and support: 2016 Annual Conference for People Working in Health and Care Information and Support, 
Wednesday 25 May 2016 
Royal College of Physicians, London

If you care about high-quality, accessible health and care information and support this is the conference you should be attending in 2016.   
Our 2016 conference theme is the ‘Power of Partnership’. Partnership working is about developing inclusive, mutually beneficial relationships across a range of sectors that improve the quality of health information and support, and the experience of care for patients and the public.
The interactive and participatory style of the conference will include: 

  • Case studies on targeted information for hard to reach groups, developing digital approaches for self-management, and much more, will allow you to learn from a range of projects that have involved partnership working.
  • ‘Question Time’ style Keynote Conversations with panelists from a range of sectors, across the UK, will enable you to take part in the discussions and contribute your views.
  • Dedicated networking sessions will allow you to share your experiences, make connections and create, and discover, new partnerships to drive your work and projects forwards.

With the chance to submit an entry to our Best Poster Competition, and a range of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities available there is something for everyone.
Please get in touch now for more information or to secure your place 
at: www.pifonline.org.uk/2016-conference or email nicole.naylor@pifonline.org.uk


Challenge 2020
Wednesday July 6th 2016
30 Euston Square, London

Membership Engagement Services (MES) will host a special one-day conference dedicated to engagement in health, and also to mark ten years of their support to the health sector. 'Challenge 2020: Advancing Health Engagement & Involvement' will bring together thought leaders and experts from across the NHS and beyond to discuss the next steps in health engagement, governance and patient experience. 
Further information, including details of the programme and speakers, can be found at the event microsite, www.membra.co.uk/challenge2020. Here you will also be able to book tickets. Please note single tickets are available at an 'Early bird' discounted rate until March 1st. MES are also offering group tickets which allow three people entry to the conference at a much cheaper rate than the standard single price.  For any questions or queries please refer to FAQs or email events@membra.co.uk.


Library & Knowledge Services staff are vital to healthcare and underpin
Location: The Scarborough Spa, Scarborough
Thursday 15th & Friday 16th September 2016

CILIP Health Libraries Group Conference 2016 clinical and management decision making. Attending the CILIP Health Libraries Group Conference will give you the extra skills you need at your fingertips in just two information-packed days.
Find out how you can get involved and deliver Knowledge for Healthcare within your organisation (Keynote speaker confirmed: Louise Goswami, National Programme Lead for H4K.)
Uncover the latest technologies and innovations available to help you do your job more smartly.
Form career-long relationships and connect with other like-minded professionals from across the health service, the academic sector, the independent sector, government departments, professional associations, charities and public libraries.
The biennial CILIP HLG Conference has become the place that 350+ health librarians from across the UK convene to exchange ideas, discover the latest innovations and make long-lasting professional connections. 
To find out more, submit a session proposal, discover the exhibition opportunities, or simply to register, just visit www.cilip.org.uk/hlg - book before 29th April for 20% early bird discount. 
Twitter: #HLG2016

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