InHealth is the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions.  Our aim is to make healthcare better by delivering on a continuous improvement cycle across our range of tests, scans, assessments and procedures.  In the last year, we have provided a test, scan or treatment for more than 2 million people, the majority of these to NHS patients and service users.

Our flexible and dynamic approach helps our customers to meet some of their most pressing challenges.  We improve access by delivering our services from over 300 locations, many of them accessible community sites.  By providing safe, effective, responsive and caring services we aim to contribute to the healthcare economy of the UK and improve patient outcomes.

We have a specific focus on patient experience and have been working alongside PEN to look at how to improve our patients’ experience and how to embed this across our organisation.  We were delighted to have been recognised by the CQC as outstanding with a special mention for our focus on patient experience.

To find out more about us please go to our website.