Co-creating for a better experience

We are delighted to be working with the National Wound Care Strategic Partnership (NWCSP) to improve the experience of patients with wounds.  We have a range of opportunities for patients and carers to get involved and would love to hear from you (our details are at the bottom of the page).  This includes:

  • joining the Patient and Public Voice Forum to hear the latest news
  • taking part in co-creating some resources to improve the experience
  • joining a patient to patient monthly working group.

As part of this programme we will be running a series of co-creations across three topics.

For the first co-creation we are looking to design/create resources to be used by patients when they are prescribed compression for lower limb conditions. This is a true co-creation project led by patients and carers (facilitated by PEN) and we are looking for patients, carers, family members (with and without experience of compression) and clinical/healthcare professionals (including Pharmacists; GPs; Care home staff or home care staff; and community or wound-care nurses) to contribute to the development of these resources.

The co-creation will take place online over a period of six to eight weeks from the end of January to end March 2022. This will enable you to contribute at your own pace, whenever suits you, in depth or just a light touch.

There will be a series of questions over the period which we would like your thoughts/ideas on.  We will use the responses to create a series of resources and then return to you for your consideration. To give you an idea, the first question is ‘What does compression mean to you?’ There is no limit to the length / detail of your response. We expect the commitment to be no more than a total of 1-2 hours over the period, and indeed it may be less.

We have a couple of ways you can contribute and have set up a closed Miro board (for those who love using post-it notes this is a virtual whiteboard) and a closed FaceBook Group to collect your views and ideas and share thoughts and information across the group.  You can take part in either.  Both are easy to use and full instructions will be given. Access to these portals will be by invitation only. If you are concerned about using the portals just let us know and we will work with you to allow your views / thoughts to be heard.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to participate or if you know anyone you think would be an ideal participant. Please contact us as soon as possible (e-mail or phone) if you are interested and willing to contribute. The opportunity will close at the end of March but you can join any time before that so don’t worry if you miss the start.  And you can get in touch at any point if you do have questions.

If you prefer to contribute in a language other than English then Facebook has a translate function we can use.

This is a great opportunity to improve the experience of patients experiencing lower limb compression to treat a leg wound and we would really value your contribution.