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Service Animals™

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Build better teams. Deliver better service. Achieve better results.

Service Animals™ delivers faster, more memorable and actionable personal insights for you and your teams.

A simple questionnaire leads to an innovative, individually-tailored, digital learning programme. It helps people understand how they communicate, and how to adapt their natural style to build rapport with others.

This builds stronger bonds, cultivates a common language and culture and – most importantly of all – helps deliver the best possible service to patients, customers and colleagues.

Once learnt, never forgotten

Service Animals brings into play the natural engagement we feel with the animal kingdom. Which helps people understand their own personalities and how they engage with customers, patients and colleagues. The animal magic makes the learning memorable and ‘sticky’, and it’s universal too. So Service Animals is just as engaging wherever you are in the world.

If you wanted some help, team is ready to support whenever and however you need. From bespoke Team Reports, a train the trainer service, or running in-company workshops, just hoot, click, growl or wave your magnificent feathers and we’re there.

Better service means better experience

The key to Service Animals is the way it helps you understand your own natural service style, and how to recognise the natural styles of others. This practical information will help you build better rapport and strengthen relationships with all of your customers, patients and colleagues.

Service Animals is based on some of our favourite members of the animal kingdom. And by using these animal archetypes, we’ve made Service Animals incredibly memorable and ‘sticky’ for you and your teams. The universal nature of animals also means it works everywhere in the world.

How it Works

One simple questionnaire

Everyone in your team will receive an email invitation to complete a straightforward questionnaire online. Each of the 30 questions relates to the ways that people behave when dealing with patients, customers or colleagues.

Personalised video

Service Animals will analyse people’s answers in detail and invites them to watch a video uniquely personalised to each team member. The video is interactive and engaging, so learning is ‘sticky’ and long-lasting.

Individual Reports

We then notify team members that their individual reports are ready to download. Each report includes details of the participant’s primary and secondary communication styles, as well as notes from their interaction with the video.

Team Reports

If you want to understand your teams in greater depth, we can create bespoke Team Reports giving deeper insights into group dynamics – as well as valuable suggestions for even better team management.

Other services

Service Animals is a carefully created online tool, but if you have specific requirements, rest assured that we are ready to help – whether you’re looking for 1:1 coaching, a team workshop or any other extra support, just ask.


Service Animals Individual Report **

Questionnaire, personalised video and report. Please note licenses are issued within 72 hours of payment


Team Report

A bespoke report providing group dynamics insight


Coaching Session

1:1 coaching session for team managers and leaders


Team Workshop

Workshop & debrief for up to 20 participants

*Please note all prices exclude VAT **Volume discounts available for 200 or more reports. To find out more please contact us.

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