NHS England and Improvement Insight Roadshow Oct/ Nov 2020 VIRTUAL event

If you fancy an inspiring afternoon of learning, networking and celebration with a focus on brilliant patient experience work across England, then this is the announcement you’ve been waiting for.  In each of the past three years, the Insight & Feedback team has worked with the Patient Experience Network to run four annual insight-focussed regional events to showcase good practice and to create opportunities for networking.  This year is no exception, though the events will be delivered in a novel way as shorter online sessions.  With two dates down there are still two to go- so why not sign up for an afternoon of inspiration!

The sessions again feature shortlisted entries from the insight category of the Patient Experience Network National Awards.   COVID-19 prompted the rethink on how our annual networking and good practice events might go ahead this year.  We are pleased that we can support four half-day digital events with PEN colleagues through Microsoft Teams in October and November.

The Patient Experience Network have put together a great agenda for each of the themed sessions.  Clare Enston, Head of Insight and Feedback, will be updating everyone on the latest developments in NHS insight and the rest of the team will be participating too.

Each session runs from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.  You can join one or more of them by registering on the following links:

Thursday 5 November

November Events

Video Group Clinic Briefing Session
Tuesday 3rd Nov 2020 12:30 – 13:30 Webinar

One of the challenges with PIFU is creating flexible capacity so that you can accommodate patients who elect for follow up and need it quickly. The group clinic model can really help with that. There are 500 Sentinel primary care teams who have been testing the virtual version – video group clinics (VGCs) over the last 5 months. There is a free webinar running on:
It will share experiences of clinicians running VGCs. You will also experience the VGC process. To register follow this link to Eventbrite:

A Practical Guide to Human Factors in Healthcare
Friday 6 November 2020 – VIRTUAL, Online

Aimed at Clinicians and Managers, this national conference will provide a practical guide to human factors in healthcare, and how a human factors approach can improve patient care, quality, process and safety.  You will have the opportunity to network with colleagues who are working to embed a human factors approach, self-assess and reflect on your own practice and gain CPD accreditation points contributing to professional development and revalidation evidence.
For further information and to book your place visit
https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/human-factors-in-healthcare or email kerry@hc-uk.org.uk
Follow the conference on Twitter #HumanFactors
As a PEN Member, please claim your 20% discount by quoting HCUK20pen when booking.

Measuring, Understanding and Acting on Patient Experience Insight From Insight to Improvement
Friday 6 November 2020 – VIRTUAL, Online
This virtual conference will focus on measuring, understanding and acting on patient experience insight, and demonstrating responsiveness to ensure Patient Feedback is translated into quality improvement and assurance. Through national updates and case study presentations the conference will support you to measure, monitor and improve patient experience in your service, and ensure that insight leads to quality improvement.
For further information and to book your place visit
https://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/conferences-masterclasses/patient-experience-insight or email kate@hc-uk.org.uk
Follow the conversation on Twitter #PatientExp
As a PEN Member, please claim your 20% discount by quoting HCUK20pen when booking.

Leading Quality Improvement in Healthcare 18th November 2020
Leading Quality Improvement in Healthcare Masterclass
20% Discount with code HCUK20KH

Ward Accreditation for Quality 20th November 2020
Ward Accreditation for Quality
FRIDAY 20 NOV 2020, VIRTUAL, Online
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December Events

Certified Patient Experience Practitioner Programme
1st and 2nd December, 2020 – virtual, online
In partnership with CXSA, we are delighted to announce the first of our certified programmes.  This 2 day workshop is for patient experience practitioners and professionals.  It explores the what, the why and the how of patient experience.    Having successfully run our first programme last week,  our participants said “I learned a lot in the past two days”, “It was the best patient experience workshop I have attended, thank you”, “It was a great event – I learned so much from you”
We are planning our next workshop on 1st and 2nd December.  We have places available and the fees are £1199 to take part.    For more information or to book your place please contact us on info@patientexperiencenetwork.org or +44 (0) 3333 44 7060

Setting Up and Running Virtual Clinics 4th December 2020
Setting Up And Running Virtual Clinics
FRIDAY 4 DEC 2020, VIRTUAL, Online
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January Events

Effective Operating Theatres Improving Quality, Safety, Productivity and Patient Experience 15th January 2021 
Effective Operating Theatres Summit: Improving Quality, Safety, Productivity and Patient Experience
FRIDAY 15 JAN 2021, Holborn Bars De Vere, London
20% Discount with code HCUK20KH