When is Patient Experience Week?

April 29 – May 3, 2024. Patient Experience Week is an opportunity to celebrate the people who have positive impact on the patient experience.


What is Patient Experience Week?

We know that brilliant things are being done every day to improve the experience of care for all involved – patients, family members, carers and health care providers.

Patient Experience Week provides a focussed time for us and other organisations to celebrate these accomplishments, re-energise and re-inspire as well as recognise the people who impact the patient experience every day.

On our website we have hundreds of videos/case studies and podcasts – most are just 10 minutes long so are perfect to start a discussion for a team meeting or some personal inspiration over a coffee.  These have been given to us knowing they will be shared – so please do steal with pride – with our blessing.

Throughout the week via our  Twitter account, we’ll be highlighting just a small handful of these brilliant Case Studies, focusing on the 8 Picker Patient Centred Principles of Care as our themes:

Mon 29th April Fast Access to Reliable Healthcare Advice

Effective Treatment by Trusted Professionals

Tue 30th April Continuity of Care and Smooth Transitions
Wed 1st May Involvement & Support for Family and Carers

Clear Information, Communication and Support for Self-Care

Thur 2nd May Involvement in Decisions and Respect for Preferences
Fri 3rd May Emotional Support, Empathy and Respect

Attention to Physical and Environmental Needs


Why is Patient Experience Week important?

Although people are making a positive difference every day, sometimes it may go un-noticed or indeed some people may not realise how much what they are doing matters. Of course we should make sure we do notice and comment, giving feedback in the moment all the time; and this week gives us another vehicle to shout about the wonderful work they are doing.

Why take part in Patient Experience Week?

By supporting Patient Experience Week, you are showing your people (including your patients and the community) that you appreciate their hard work and encourage their continued efforts on behalf of patients. This week is also a great way to enhance patient and colleague relations, increase morale and improve communication.

Keep the following audiences and supporters in mind when you plan your Patient Experience Week activities. Plan events during Patient Experience Week to recognise and involve these special people:

Patient Experience Teams
Highlight the work that your patient experience leaders and patient experience teams do every day.  This includes of course PALs, Complaints and other governance and QI roles.  They deserve recognition for all the work they do. Use Patient Experience Week to let them know how much you value their contributions to improving the patient experience in your organisation and spotlight those who do an outstanding job.

Doctors, Nurses, HCAs and other clinical teams
Good communication and cooperation across clinical teams is essential in providing a streamlined, integrated and quality patient experience. Let your clinical staff know how much you appreciate their support by recognising those who contribute to improving the patient experience in your organisation.

Ancillary Teams
ALL departments in your organisation  impact the patient experience. This is the time to say thank you to these less recognised departments for their support and contributions – housekeeping, porter, reception, security, gardeners, car parking etc etc.  For some patients they will see these members of the team MORE than the clinicians.  Insourced or outsourced they are the patient experience too.

Executive and Administration
Patient Experience Week is a great time to highlight the activities and accomplishments to your CEO, hospital administration and other administrative staff and where relevant, how they align to your values. This week provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the patient experience improvement efforts taking place not just in your organisation but elsewhere in healthcare.

Volunteers and Third Sector
What would we do without our volunteers and third sector partners.This is the perfect time to make sure their work and contributions are show cased too.

Our volunteers are working hard to support our organisation, for example with wayfinding, taxi-service, befriending, running the charity shop or serving on panels and advisory groups, so we should make sure we are putting the spot light on them too.

Whether it is larger charities such as MacMillan, The Samaritans, the Red Cross, Pets as Therapy or local charities and clubs such as football clubs, hair dressers and beauticians or colleges and schools – they are all important to the patient experience.

We are lucky to have the support of other partners across the community. This could be formal partnerships such as the in-house coffee shop, or supermarket or partnerships on another basis for example the local taxi or bus companies or other partnerships – they all have a role to play in the patient experience and perhaps this is the ideal time to help them realise their crucial role too.

The Community
Use the week to share information and spread awareness in the community about the patient experience efforts.  This could be the right time to invite local groups to get to know you and understand what your ambition is – it could help build connections for the future.

Let your patients know about the work that you do for them beyond providing them with quality healthcare.  Invite them to the party – make sure they have some great opportunities to have their voices heard over this week – perhaps recruiting them to join key focus groups etc.


Things to do in Patient Experience Week

We have included some ideas of things you can do over the week (or indeed anytime)

Lunch and Learn
This week can be a great opportunity to share educational resources on improving the patient experience. If you have taken part in the PEN National Awards why not show case your presentations and case studies that you have already created, or use this an opportunity to take a look at this years categories to see what you could enter for PENNA24.

Recognition Event
A recognition event is an excellent way to boost morale and recognise great practice. This is a good time for you or other leaders to present recognition certificates to your colleagues.This can be by team/ department or organisation wide.

Internal Awards
If you have the time you can run an internal awards programme where people put forward best practice and you create an awards approach to judge and award winners.  This is a a great opportunity to uncover the good practice that will be happening right across your organisation but may be unknown to some. We can help here if you need some ideas on approach and infrastructure – we have been running awards for over a decade and are more than happy to share! 

Dragon’s Den
A fabulous way to encourage innovation and support people with new ideas. Perhaps fund a small amount of money to support them. We have some great examples where £250 or less can make a huge difference to the patient (or staff experience)) and get them to present in front of some “dragons”

Click here to see a previous Patient Experience Network National Award Winner executed on a budget!

Know Your Team
A fun way to do some team building in this week is to try out Service Animals which will help you better understand your team and how to build better relationships.

Click here to find out more about Service Animals


Please share! AND steal with pride

We encourage you to share this information with members of your teams so everyone can be an active participant in the planning and implementation process.

Remember, this is your week, so feel free to add (and share) your own ideas to develop the perfect week for your people. And let us know what you have been up to. Please share your photos, posts etc by using the hashtags:

#PEW2024   #PXWeek   #PatExp

And don’t forget to tag us: @PEN_NEWS and @pickereurope

Throughout Patient Experience Week 2024, we’ll be sending PEN Pin Badge to the best tweets we get!

On our website we have hundreds of videos/case studies and podcasts – most are just 10 minutes long so are perfect to start a discussion for a team meeting or some personal inspiration over a coffee.  These have been given to us knowing they will be shared – so please do steal with pride – with our blessing.