Individual Member (PENFriend)

This membership is for individuals who wish to take full advantage of the resources available from PEN and who wish to be recognised for their commitment to improving the patient experience.

Benefits include:

    • Full access to case studies and other PEN resources
    • Input into NICE Patient Experience Guidelines as PEN is a registered stakeholder
    • Attendance at best practice days and other networking opportunities
    • Access to any discounts or offers from 3rd parties for PEN members
    • Individual Self Check – a self test
    • Receive a copy of the PEN newsletter (PENLetter) and blogs straight into your inbox

There is no fee for this membership – just let us have your details (name and email) and we will add you to our network. Please send us your details directly to or go to Contact Us and fill in the form there.  We will then make you a PENFriend!