Case Studies

Nottingham University Hospitals

Think Drink Project

About the Project

Think Drink initiative was established in 2015 at NUH. The cause and extent of the problem was identified through audit data of fasting times for patients’ waiting for surgery and valuable Patient Public Involvement feedback from patients about their experiences. The audit data indicated excessive fasting times for patients across the trust, an average of nine hours; this coupled with some negative feedback from patient, saying they were very thirsty and kept without fluid for long periods prior to their surgery. The overall aim of the initiative is to minimising fasting times for patients across the trust thus improving patient outcomes and experience, reducing dehydration and morbidity.



Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Beads of Courage: Making a Difference for Each Child 

General Summary

The Beads of Courage programme was introduced to the UK, from America, through the paediatric oncology units. The beads are a concrete visual representation of each intervention a child has undergone during their treatment, helping them talk about their condition, fears and hopes. As a Community Children’s Nursing team, the children and young people (CYP) we support with cancer started to receive the beads supplied to us by the Regional centre.



Case Study Summaries

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